A2ZDOC revolutionizes the way patients and doctors interact for appointments and tokens. This is a real time doctors token and appointment management application.
A2ZDOC.com not only simplifies booking tokens & appointments at doctor's clinic, but innovate it as well. Our real time feature tells at what time the doctor will be seeing the patient. This allows patients to show up at the time of their token / appointment and they no longer have to wait in the crowded waiting rooms.
Patients can easily search doctors and manage appointments and tokens for their family - all for FREE!!
Doctors can manage their practices, hospitals, attendants, appointments, tokens and schedules using A2ZDOC. Doctors are able to provide comfortable and spacious environment to patients.
A2ZDOC.com was born in early 2013 after a doctors' visit & frustration of waiting for 3 hours to see a doctor, we decided something had to be done to make life easy for everyone - doctors, patients & their families. It is particularly tough for young children and senior citizens to wait for a long time while being sick.
At the same time, it was clear that while doctors and their staff were focused and dedicated in helping patients with their illness, they were being continuously forced to respond to appointment queries by waiting patients as well as by patients calling on phone.
A2ZDOC.com offers simple to use web & mobile apps that lets patients find a doctor in seconds & helps book tokens / appointments right away.
We love creating new applications & services that makes life easy for everyone. With A2ZDOC.com our vision is to make it convenient to see a doctor & revolutionize the way we see doctors.